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Associate memberships


We offer three types of associate memberships, a general associate membership, non-government organisation associate membership and a parliamentary associate membership. Associate members do not have voting rights.


The easiest way to support us is to become an associate member. Our Voice Australia was formed to provide a place for the voice of people with intellectual disability and/or complex needs and their family within the policy landscape.


It is imperative that the unique needs of complex disability are acknowledged by policy makers and given due consideration in the formation of disability policy, taking into account the unique needs of people who are often unable to self-advocate


To be eligible to be a member you must live in Australia. Membership is free, Our Voice Australia does, however, accept donations via direct deposit, cheque and/or money order. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation. Our Voice Australia's preferred method of payment of any donations is via direct debit or through our donations page.


The Board retains the right to accept or reject applications for membership.

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