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Become a member of Our Voice

Membership is free. 


The easiest way to support your family member with disability is to become an Our Voice member. To be a full member, you must be a person with an intellectual disability or a person with associated complex support needs and a parent, sibling or unpaid carer of an eligible member.


We have designed the membership form to be inclusive of the family, but not focussed on the family as we see most relationships, including membership of Our Voice Australia as partnerships. Many people with intellectual disability will need an advocate (usually family) to exercise their membership benefits and to participate as full members.


To be eligible to be a member you must live in Australia.

We also offer Associate Memberships for extended family and supporters of people with intellectual disability and/or complex needs.


Our Voice Australia is unfunded and does accept donations via direct deposit, PayPal, cheque and/or money order. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation. 


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