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Welcome to Our Voice Australia

There are more than 700,000 Australians with intellectual disability or complex or associated needs and there are more than one million family members who support them. They have no funded systemic advocacy voice. For too long our family members have been ignored in social policy, simply tacked on as having the same needs as those who can self-advocate. Our Voice Australia has been formed to right this wrong.


We are disability family advocacy, run by the families of our members with an intellectual disability or complex needs. We operate as a systemic advocacy organisation to protect the rights of our members.


We need to have equal input into the service systems that affect our lives. These are not limited to;


National Disability Insurance Scheme design // Health Systems // Early Intervention // Education // Employment Options // Guardianship // Mental Health // Affordable Housing // and much more...


Our Voice Australia operates as collaborative disability family advocacy. This means a partnership between family members with disability and the families who support them. Read more...

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